Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1823 Day 20

On tonight's Celebrity Big Brother it was day 20 that the house guests have been there. It was also the day that Heavy D got evicted, but we got to see what went down during the day before he went home that night. Katie went off on Heavy for being a jerk and always trying to rile everyone up. We haven't heard much from her since she's been in the house but it was good that she went off on Heavy.
By the time eviction came around that night everyone including Katie was pretty glad to see Heavy go. Everyone was also glad and surprised that the public kept Renee safe. Even Bear congratulated her which was a big surprise to all of us including her. 
This week the house guests got to do face to face nominations for who goes home on Friday. What they didn't know was that this week is going to be a double eviction which means two people of the four people who are nominated this week will go home Friday. Some of the nominations weren't that surprising though. We knew Bear was gonna be one. Lewis and James have been nominated before. Ricky and Samantha have never been nominated before so this was their first time on the chopping block.
However, Sam didn't handle her nomination too well if you ask some people in the house such as Bear. Everyone's gotta go on the block sometime I guess. Luckily no one nominated Renee so she will be there at least until next Tuesday (finale is next Friday).
Renee is starting to realize that having Bear in the house isn't such a bad thing after all. She thinks he keeps things interesting. Frankie and Aubrey agree with her, Be sure to check back here to see how Renee's doing. There's only 8 more days left in the house so lets hope she stays to the end (next Friday) and wins.

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