Friday, August 19, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1825 Day 22 Live Eviction Part 1 Renee Graziano Receives a Letter from Her Son AJ

Tonight's episode of Celebrity Big Brother was once again in two parts as it was not eviction night but double eviction night. However before we get to the live eviction we got to see what the house guests had been up to yesterday on day 22. Frankie, James and Katie had a task to complete as they were each distracted by pets that came out. 
Lewis had a task all by himself to complete which was to look after the big brother office as the staff was out running errands. This meant he had to answer all of their phone calls and take down their messages. He might've made this look easy but he was distracted by the mail man who delivered a letter to Renee from her son AJ. Lewis was also distracted by a owl who flew over to drop off an VHS tape that had a message for Frankie that was from his sister Ariana Grande. Last Lewis's mom dropped by to see how he's been doing in the house.  
When Lewis completed his task he was able to read the letter he got that was to Renee from her son AJ. Can we just talk about how sweet this letter was to Renee? AJ seems to be really missing his mom and so does her sister Jenn too as well as the rest of the family. However as much as AJ misses his mom that didn't stop him from giving her some advice on how to handle Bear in the house. There wasn't a dry eye in this scene. 
We got to find out that out of Bear, James, Ricky and Samantha who were all on the chopping block this week as two of them would be going home tonight, it was Ricky who got the most votes to be saved.

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