Friday, August 19, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1826 Day 22 Live Eviction Part 2

During tonight's part 2 episode of Celebrity Brother we go to find out if Sam, Bear, James or Lewis (two of the four) were going to be sent packing tonight. In the end we found out that Lewis and James were sent home.
Marnie was pretty upset by Lewis going home, but Lewis had a feeling his time was up even though he had been nominated before. He said he wasn't expecting to find love in the house but he really loves Marnie. 
James said he was ready to leave the house but that this time he wasn't expecting to the voted out because the last two time he's been nominated the public saved him. So there you have it. Its now down to eight people in the house and theres another double eviction on Tuesday before the finale on Friday. Lets hope Renee stays until the finale next week.

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