Sunday, August 21, 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK Ep 1828 Day 24

Its day 24 on Celebrity Big Brother and it was Christmas in August for the house guests as they woke up to Santa dropping off presents.
For today's task the house guests were split into two teams. The elves and the reindeer team. The elves (Aubrey, Marnie, Frankie and Renee) had to come up with a dance. Every time they heard the jingle sound they had to get to their desks and perform their dance. This might sound fun and easy except they were distracted by one of the reindeers named Bear of course. 
Frankie said it best when he said that Bear was being the Scrooge in the house. Everyone tried to ignore him but he was really getting on Renee's nerves. So much so that Big Brother called her in the confession room to calm down. 
I think I've loss count at how many times Bear has been called to Big Brother and in trouble including this time. He apologized of course and as usual Big Brother let him get away with his behavior again.
At the end of their Christmas task Katie and Frankie who are the team captains get to open two big presents for their teams. It turns out that inside each of the boxes were the number of how many people each teams are supposed to nominate this week. The elves team get to nominate two people this week while the reindeer team only get to nominate one person.
To end the day Big Brother played Mariah Carey christmas music. Towards the end of the episode Bear said that he thinks that all the Americans (Aubery, Frankie and Renee) will probably end up in the final. Be sure to check back here tomorrow to see who is nominated for the final eviction before the final on Friday.

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