Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Mob Wives Reboot Scheduled to Air in 2018 as Creator Jenn Graziano Gives Fans an Update on how Casting is Going

Its been a few weeks since Mob Wive's creator Jenn Graziano (who is also Renee's sister) announced that she is rebooting the show. Since then everyone has had mixed reactions including fans. Some want some of the OGs to come back while others think it won't be the same without the late Big Ang. As of right now all of the OGs have confirmed that they're returning except for Drita Davanzo who has said no.

Today Jenn took to her facebook to give fans an update on how the casting is going so far.

Jenn also took to her twitter to tell us that the Mob Wives reboot will air sometime in 2018 and fans couldnt be more excited for this.

As we previously told you, OG Renee Graziano is currently in Rehab in Miami as she is still receiving treatment from a type of body surgery that she had in Oct that didn't go so well. However, just because Renee's in Miami doesn't mean she didn't weigh in on social media with her thoughts about her OGs cast. On December 17th Renee took to twitter to let Karen and Carla know that she misses them and wants them to visit her in Miami. Currently, there is no word yet as to how long she will be in rehab but we're told she's doing great. We'll keep you updated on how this reboot goes.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Mob Wives Big Ang's Sister Janine Speaks Out on How She Feels About the Cast, and About the Reboot

There has been non stop talk about the reboot of Mob Wives. Recently Mob Wives creator and Renee's sister Jenn Graziano and Carla Facciolo did an interview with the local Staten Island Advance expressing how much the late Big Ang wanted the show to go on without her. In fact, Carla explained that they were with her when she passed away and that Ang told her and Jenn that she wanted the show to keep going without her.

Apparently Ang's sister Janine read this in the news and she wasn't too happy about it. She posted the photo above letting them know she wasn't too happy with them doing the reboot. Even Drita got in on this photo in the comments. Drita explained that Ang told her that Karen Gravano came into the Drunken Monkey and told her (Ang) if she (Ang) sided with her (Drita) and not her (Karen) then Karen would call her (Ang) a rat.

To find what else Janine had to say make sure you check out her instagram live story that someone posted on youtube. Janine also mentions that Carla and Jenn never visited Ang and had that conversation about Ang saying she wanted the show to go on.
We did some digging online and we came across this interview that Karen Carla and Renee did around the time Ang passed away with ENews. When you get to the end of the video Renee does mention that they saw Ang in the hospital the week before she passed away BUT there was no mention of them saying that Ang told them that the show must go on. We'll keep you posted on how this turns out.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Mob Wives OGs Carla and Karen Meetup for a Sitdown about Mob Wives Reboot

We previously told you that Mob Wives OG Karen Gravano was scheduled to come back to New York to have a sit down with Carla Facciolo about a possible reboot of the show. Well now, we're told that sit down did happen and only we have the photos to prove it.
We're told the two girls met up with Mob Wives producer Jenn Graziano at Deluca's resturaunt in the city to have their meeting. In fact, Carla took to snapchat to let everyone know that Karen was indeed back in town. No word yet on how the meeting went but we're hoping it went good enough for the reboot to happen. We'll keep you posted with this as it develops.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Mob Wives OG Karen Gravano CONFIRMS She'd Be Into a Reboot

Mob Wives OGs Drita Davanzo and Carla Facciolo aren't the only ones speaking out about their thoughts about a possible Mob Wives reboot. In fact, Mob Wives OG Karen Gravano is also giving her thoughts on how she feels about a possible Mob Wives reboot in the works.

Karen confirmed to Carla on twitter that she's been asked to meet for a "sit down" this week about this idea. So if these two return for the reboot that would mean that only 2 OGs are gonna be a part of it. As we previously told you, Drita has opted out of the reboot because she has her own projects going on which we can't wait to see. At the moment there is no word yet if Renee will return. Sources have told us that Vh1 hasn't picked up the show reboot yet, but it could be a possibility or it could be on another network. We'll keep you posted. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Mob Wives Cast Has Mixed Reaction to a Reboot

Social media is definitely buzzing since the news that Mob Wives might be rebooted. Some of the cast are for the reboot while the other part of the cast aren't for it. 

Lets start with Drita, she has said recently that Jenn Graziano contacted her about the reboot and she declined to do it for many reasons. One reason is because she's in the process of working on her own project with Jersey Shore's Snooki and JWOW called Celebrity Shore. Another reason she doesn't want to do the reboot is because she has put that behind her.
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Karen Gravano must've heard about Drita declining her offer because she let it be known that "Drita should have been lucky to be there in the 1st place" when she posted a message on instagram.

Next we have Carla's input and she definitely had a lot to say on this. In fact, she asked fans what they thought about the idea of the reboot. She then gave her thoughts about Drita not wanting to do it again.
One fan even suggested that they add one of the Gottis. Some of you may recall, Victoria Gotti made several appearances in season 5 with Ang and Renee.

Speaking of the late Big Ang, her family even weighed in on their thoughts about the reboot. Her sister Janine is glad Drita said no about the reboot. In fact, she doesn't see how or even why they're doing it since Ang isn't here anymore.
So in conclusion the only one who's on board with this reboot is Carla and maybe Karen. We'll keep you posted on who else will join the cast.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Mob Wives Renee Graziano BACK at Transitions Rehab

It was just last week where we told you that Mob Wives OG Renee Graziano was back in rehab after having surgery from her botched job from season 2 of Mob Wives. Now Page Six is not only confirming the reboot of Mob Wives which we also told you about the other day but they're claiming that shes out of rehab.

However, our sources as well as her instagram posts have told us that she has once again been transferred from Summerhouse detox back to Transitions. She recently posted a photo of herself at the rehab facility with the hashtags #Transitions #CleanandSober #MiamiLiving. It is not clear as to how long she will be staying there this time but we wish her all the best.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Mob Wives Reboot in The Works

Its been a little over a year (March 9th 2016) since Mob Wives aired the finale episode and although it was a bittersweet episode with the passing of Big Ang two weeks beforehand it was still a great series of 6 seasons and fans were sad to see it go off the air.

Now fast forward 19 months into 2017 fans may see a reboot. Mob Wives creator & producer (along with being OG Renee Graziano's sister) Jenn Graziano recently took to social media above to post that she is considering rebooting the show. At the moment it is not known if any of the OGs would return to the reboot but I'm sure some of them wouldn't want to miss out on the reboot.

What's happened since Mob Wives went off the air in March 2016?

  • Big Ang passed away 
  • Renee was on Celebrity Big Brother in UK 
  • Renee became a grandmother when her son AJ had a son of his own with his longtime girlfriend. 
  • Renee and Karen were both on Marriage Boot camp separately in the spring and summer of 2016
  • Drita was on Scared Famous
  • Karen's dad Sammy the bull was released from prison in Sept. 2017
We hope this is true and we can't wait to see what the reboot looks like and who will be on it.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Mob Wives Renee Graziano Enters Rehab AGAIN

Mob Wives OG star Renee Graziano has entered rehab once again. After being sober for 10 months, Renee has checked herself into Summerhouse Detox in Miami FL.
Sources close to Renee tell us the mob wife recently had some surgery to fixed the botched job that she had done back in season two of Mob Wives. Unfortunately, "her body doesn't respond well to surgery and she had some complications" says a source. She had to have a blood transfusion and was in the hospital longer than she had expected. Another source tells us that because she had complications they had to give her more medicine (maybe more than she needed) in which she had a bad reaction to. Another source adds "these medicines make it hard to get off of if you've struggled with addiction like Renee has".

Today she posted on instagram that she was there at Summerhouse detox. "Renee checked herself into Summerhouse Saturday and has been there ever since. The goal is for her to be medically detox from these medicines and this is the best place to do it. We don't know how long she plans to stay. She was very smart to go back to rehab as she saw herself going down the same path she was in less than a year ago. Shes only been out of rehab since May, but she's been sober for 10 months from October 2016-August 2017" says a source close to the detox facility. Just last year Renee entered Summerhouse detox for 10 days then was transferred to Transitions where she stayed for 7 months (she was in rehab from Oct.-May she left rehab May 22nd). We wish Renee a speedy recovery and hope she gets better in time for the holidays.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Mob Wives Renee Graziano is OFFICIALLY A GRANDMA

Mob Wives Renee Graziano's baby boy officially became a dad yesterday as him and his longtime girlfriend Andrea welcomed their first child together.
Renee broke the news on her instagram with a cute onesie outfit that they got for the lil guy. Baby Anthony made his debut yesterday at 11:20 AM weighing in at just 5lbs 14oz. No word on whether or not Renee was there for the birth or not.

Today the proud PAPA AJ took to his own Instagram where he shared his excitement of being a dad. We wish the proud new family all the best. That baby is gonna be filled with lots of lots from that family.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Why Mob Wives Renee Graziano is Still in Rehab 6 months & Counting PLUS Why Her Son AJ Gave Her an Ultimatum "Its Rehab OR you will NEVER SEE me or your Grandson AGAIN"

We've known for some time that Mob Wives OG Renee Graziano had been in rehab since Oct. 4th but we're just now finding out why she's still there in Miami at Transitions seeking help 6 months later. The truth is she never left after she checked herself in on that fateful day Oct. 4th, 2016. *It should be noted that Renee went to a summerhouse detox center for 14 days first and then went to Transitions Rehab right afterwards.*
Renee sat down via skype at her rehab recently to open up to her friend Jacqui Phillips (featured on Mob Wives season 1 doing Drita's makeup). In this exclusive one hour interview Renee explains how when she wrapped up filming in the UK for Celebrity Big Brother she came home and found out that she was going to be a grandmother. "Even after I found out that I was going to have a grandchild I only thought about myself" said Renee. "I kept thinking oh my gosh I'm so excited for my son that he's going to be a dad, but what if I have a date one day with a man and I can't go out because I have to tell him 'no I'm sorry I have to watch my grandson' I was being selfish and only thinking about myself" admits Renee. Finally her son AJ sat her down and gave her a reality check. "That's when everything changed for me when he said that I was only thinking of me and not how excited we are to be having a grandchild in the family. He gave me an ultimatum and said 'you either get clean or you will NEVER SEE ME YOUR SON or your grandchild EVER AGAIN.' said Renee. The next day Renee packed her bags and headed to Miami and never looked back.
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Although she may still be in rehab, sources do tell us that she has been able to come and go from the rehab many times to attend red carpet events. She recently attended the premiere party of Dr. Miami with fellow Mob Wives Carla Facciolo. Renee will also be featured on an upcoming episode of Dr. Miami as she got a butt lift. The rehab allowed her to film for Dr. Maimi knowing that she wouldn't be leaving the state as the show is taped in the same town as the the transitions rehab is. Therefore, Renee would still be under doctors care regardless.
The source also notes that in order for her to be able to attend these events and leave rehab, Renee must have someone be with her at all times in case she slips up and relapses.
She recently attended AJ's baby shower in Staten Island and was back on the island for a few days but, then went back to rehab a few days later.
"I was supposed to only be here for 60 days because that's the maximum that people stay here for but I decided to extend my stay from 1 month-2 months-4 months to now 6 months because I really wanna beat this. I have a purpose again that I never had before, I have my grandson to think about and now AJ's to the point where he's like mom are you ever coming home? I personally want to stay here a year but we'll see" explains Renee. Another source tells us that Renee is considering moving to Miami and living there full time. "Renee goes to rehab at transitions at least every 1 or 2 years but only for 60 days. She also goes to rehab when they would be on break between seasons. She once went to rehab for 30 days and then went straight to Yandy Smith's wedding where Karen Gravano met her there to keep a close eye on her. The first time she went to transitions was in 2010 right before she started filming Mob Wives season 1. The fact that she's been there this time for at least 6 months is unbelievable" says the source. "Filming Mob Wives definitely became a part of the problems with my addiction and recovery because I would be put in situations with the girls that I wasn't comfortable with. A big part was that none of them could admit their wrongs so for me that was hard. I always had to be right in the situations too and that's still one of the things that I'm learning in rehab as well" explains Renee. "I'm still trying to figure out who I am. I was Anthony's daughter. Next, I was Junior's wife, then I was AJ's mom. Then further down the line I was the ex wife of the rat who hurt my family" says Renee. "I've come to the conclusion that I'm still that 13 yr old girl Renee who never fully grew up so I'm still a work in progress" Renee explains. We wish Renee all the best and can't wait to the new grandson of the Graziano clan. Be sure to watch the full video interview above.