Sunday, January 28, 2018

Mob Wives Renee Graziano Checks Out of Rehab and Films Mob Wives Reboot with Alicia DiMichele

Mob Wives Reboot has taken FULL EFFECT as almost all of the cast has begun filming with each other. From Ramona to Carla to Karen to Renee to even Philly's own Alicia and Natalie G have all begun filming with each other. Back in November Renee checked herself back into rehab in Miami at Summerhouse Detox after she had some surgery to fix a botch body job that she had on season 2 of Mob Wives that didn't go well.

She spent 10 days at summerhouse before transferring back to Transitions Rehab where she finished a full 60 days stint.

She checked herself out of rehab on Thursday January 25th and flew back to Staten Island where she began filming scenes for the upcoming reboot of the show with Alicia DiMichele. The two documented their reunion on social media. We're told Alicia and Renee made amends and that Alicia even got to meet Renee's grandson baby AJ.
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Alicia wasn't the only one who Renee made amends with. We're told that before leaving Miami, Renee met up with Natalie Guercio as well. They too documented their reunion on social media as well. Sources have told us that the two philly girls have signed on to do the reboot of Mob Wives as well. So far the ones who are in it for the reboot of Mob Wives are, Renee, Carla, Karen, Ramona, Alicia, and Natalie Guercio. Even though vh1 has not picked Mob Wives for the reboot (and neither has any other network) this cast lineup looks like its gonna be good to watch if and when it airs.

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  1. I am excited to hear about the reboot and friendships that have come to blossom since the last time we heard about the Mob Wives eating each other for dinner.
    How about Drita? She was the one with no sense of self control with her tendencies to become a tasmanian devil with the girls over issue that did not warrant getting physically violent. However, she harbored a lot of anger and lacked self control to beat the shit out of friends, I will say that other than that little itty bitty problem she was a cool cat! She had great qualities and demonstrated excellence in motherhood.
    I think she needs to come back as long as she continues with anger management and graduates with honors!
    The show will continue to be a hit and yes, we will expect to see more cat fights!
    Ranae is the most endearing how she wears her emotions and feelings on his sleeves. I love her melodramatic character and how she tries to come across a bit too strong headed, but again she is just too sweet to truly be a bitch with no regrets.
    Hurry up and get the show on the road! We want more, more, more Mob Wives drama mama!